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Many great businesses have processes and structures around their cash flow and debt to manage, grow and protect them in challenging times.   

In my experience, ​most individuals handle their cash flow and debt on the fly and hope they are making the right decision.

​Our aim is to help you design and establish a tailored cash flow system to help you make informed decisions on how to maximize your money and minimize your debt faster than using typical budgeting and debt reduction strategies.


We believe taxes are the #1 bottleneck on increasing your wealth and growing your business.  We have ideas for moving beyond the typical RRSP advice to deferral and/or reduce your personal and corporate tax burdens. 

  • Are your ​Personal taxes high? 

  • Are you corporate passive income taxes high?

  • Are you Selling your business, real-estate or other large asset and worried about the final tax bill?

We have a strategy for that.


We assess areas of personal and business risk to ensure that if you or someone close to you suffers a major health event or passes unexpectedly, the financial impacts can be reduced to allow you, your family and/or your business to focus on moving forward. Do you know what happens to:

  • Your business if you, a partner or one of your key employees goes down?

  • You family if you go down?

If you don’t have a plan for this, a Health Risk Assessment is crucial to make sure you have a safety net in place for the unexpected.



Understanding the difference between saving and investing is key when building your wealth.  That’s why we ensure you save with confidence and invest with purpose.

​For the right type of client, we recommend The Raintree Investment Philosophy: Core+Explore™, which we feel addresses many shortcomings of the old “60/40” portfolio.

Raintree believes that for investors to achieve enhanced diversification, they will need to include private and public investments in their portfolio, with the CORE being the traditional part of a portfolio and the Explore being the alternative investment component of the portfolio.


Atlas Wealth Financial’s Business Partnerships provides our clients access to 3rd party specialists with a full slate of banking and lending services such as:​

  • high-interest savings accounts, with guaranteed returns, no fees, and complete accessibility; it can even be tax-free.

  • lines of credit which are either unsecured or secured against your home or business

  • mortgages & refinancing solutions, with industry competitive rates

Banking is an important concept and should be incorporated into an overall financial strategy.



Sometimes, the most important plan you will make is to prepare and protect others after you are gone.  We can help you to understand and plan for:

  • minimizing taxes on your estate

  • protecting your family from the capital gains tax on your business or investments

  • leaving money to your family, beneficiaries, or charities

As independent advisors, we offer you the best choices for your situation, both personal and corporate. We collaborate with your accountant and lawyers, ensuring the plan is congruent with your wishes and consistent with all laws and regulations.


Understanding your business's financial position is essential to effectively grow your business and protecting it in challenging times.

​We provide complete financial performance reporting dashboards with metrics and insights for timely and informed business decision making.



Many business owners and corporate executives have excellent cash flow, but few assets outside their home, business or company shares.  With many years ahead of them before retirement, intelligent borrowing to invest can be a part of their portfolio. For example, borrowing into RRSPs allows a generous tax refund to pay off any bad debts like credit cards. With this strategy, their monthly investment goes to low interest ‘good’ debt for their RRSP, instead of expensive ‘bad’ debt.  Atlas Wealth Financial can help connect you with specialists for:

  • RRSP loans, with terms from 6 months to 10 years, and rates as low as Prime + 0.5%

  • RESP loans, for those eager to capture government education grants and to plan ahead for your child’s education

  • Non-registered investment loans, which can be interest-only, or which can even be invested into pension products with guaranteed lifetime payouts. This type of borrowing also allows a tax break each year that you pay interest.

  • The Smith Maneuver is an efficient strategy to use the equity in your home to invest for your future without using your cash flow. It converts your mortgage over time into a tax-deductible investment credit line.

It is important to understand that borrowing to finance investments can have associated risks. Though not for everyone, banking or borrowing solutions can be used in your plan, and we are here to help.



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